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Hi everyone! Nubiah here. I’m so happy you’ve come to check me out and book your appointment. You won’t be disappointed. In the rare event that you are don’t ever hesitate to reach out to me and share why. Take a look at my schedule to see what fits you best. If you are in dire need because you have a flight to catch (or any other reason) with no availability shown, shoot me a text & I’ll see what I can do (763)392-4848. Only text me for emergency appointments or questions about your appointment.

Brazilian clients: If it’s your 1st wax your hair should be about 3/4 weeks of growth. I know that’s long but it’ll be worth it. Try to come with loose pants on without underwear if you can. For pain, you can take an ibuprofen 30 mins before you come. I use quality wax to give the best results. You must maintain the aftercare to avoid ingrown hair bumps and other issues. No swimming, Jacuzzi, intense exercising, scented soaps or doing anything that will cause bacteria to get into your open pores 2 days post-wax. You may experience a breakout post wax if this is your first time waxing due to this being the first time hairs are being pulled directly from the follicle. This is normal. Don’t freak out. Continue to exfoliate and use your serum. P.S. You can wax on your period. Just use a tampon. Thanks for reading. See you soon, Nubiah #QueenWax

Includes front & backside wax only.
Here's how you can get started:
1) Go to Patreon.com/taylordskin
2) You must enter a valid credit card to be charged on the 1st of every month.
*(You will be charged immediately when you sign up & again every 1st)*
3) Book the Members Only Wax at anytime during the month.
Make sure to pick up your membership card.
You cannot upgrade to the Brazilian Gold.

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